Why you won't achieve the body you want eating 1200 calories with Jay Feldman


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I sat down and had a GREAT chat with Jay Feldman, an independent health researcher and health coach who runs The Energy Balance Podcast, the other day. He’s a huge supporter of this way of eating and doing life.
Jay has also had an interesting journey of discovering how to best fuel his body to achieve optimal results. It’s SO relatable for many of us who are on this journey or have been through similar. But we don’t stop the discussion there!
In this episode, we also discuss:
➡️ Why you won’t achieve results on a 1200-calorie diet
➡️ The binge-restrict cycle
➡️Why you need to get out of the quick-fix mindset
➡️ How stress and anxiety impacts your body and weight loss goals
➡️ How drinking heaps of water may actually be increasing your body’s stress response
➡️ Why sugar contributes to a high functioning metabolism
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