The Hard Truths of life EP:2 Nobody Gives A FU*K How You Are FEELING


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In this mini series I will go over hard truths people need to accept. Nobody reaaaaallly gives a fuck how you feel. Everyone wants something for themselves. Its natural to be selfish. And then to care for others. But nobody is going to take care of you but you. The cup runneth over! Meaning fill yourself with epicness and greatness before spreading yourself. Don’t try to let others fill your cup for you. It won’t work. Cause people got their own shit to deal with. Excuses and feelings only get in your way to greatness. Not saying be unemotional towards everything. But there is a time where it is detrimental to your success when you COMPLAIN. talk about how TIRED you are. Wallow in self pity for yourself. This is JLAX LFG. Continue to LFG --- Send in a voice message:

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