Defined Benefit Plans and the Case of the Disappearing Demographics


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Traditional defined benefit plans provide retirees with a guaranteed lifetime pension. However, workers participating in these DB plans have fallen from 38% to 20% between 1980 and 2008. Steve McCourt, the co-CEO and Managing Principal at Meketa Investment Group, shares some insight into the Great Resignation and the shifting demographics in the workforce.

Some highlights from Defined Benefit Plans and the Case of the Disappearing Demographics:

02:29 – The Fuzzy Math Problem
06:42 – Could We See a Rolling Series of ARPAs?
10:17 – Not a Blunt Hammer
16:34 – Is Blockchain Technology on the Horizon for Defined Benefit Plans?
If you'd like to read or view the Meketa white paper, Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Institutional Investors click HERE

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