Hybrid Retirement Plans 101 with Dan Doonan & Elizabeth Wiley


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Hybrid retirement plans are becoming a viable option to the traditional defined benefit and defined contribution plans, but what are they? And who are they right for? Dan Doonan, the Executive Director of the National Institute on Retirement Security, and Elizabeth Wiley, a Cheiron consulting actuary, co-authored The Hybrid Handbook, where they outline various public hybrid retirement plan structures. Dan and Elizabeth demystify these plans and explain why some struggling multiemployer plans should consider a hybrid option.

Some highlights from Hybrid Retirement Plans 101 include:

03:37 – The Hybrid Handbook
05:55 – The Spectrum: Defined Benefit & Defined Contribution
10:16 – Types of Hybrid Plan Structures
17:27 – Is Risk Sharing a Negative?
22:30 – Communication is Key
Click on www.nirsonline.org if you'd like to download or read a PDF copy of Dan and Elizabeth's "Hybrid Handbook"

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