Lockdowns, Social Isolation and Children's Mental Health


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UNICEF reported that 1 in 7 children have been negatively impacted by the pandemic lockdowns. And more than 1.6 billion children have suffered from some loss of education. The co-founders of Virtual Milestones Academy, Megan Cawlfield, a pediatric speech-language pathologist, and Emily Roberts, an occupational therapist, expose the cracks in our disjointed healthcare system and support parents with finding holistic, family-centered solutions.

Some highlights from Lockdowns, Social Isolation and Children’s Mental Health:

04:35 – Navigating Mental Health with Virtual Milestones Academy
10:19 – Early Intervention
14:27 – 1 out of 6 Children
15:44 – Find the Positive in the Pandemic
19:32 – Falling Down the Rabbit Holes

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