Meet the AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, Liz Shuler


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Did you know that the labor movement is the largest organization of working women in the nation? On December 11, 1961, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr told the AFL-CIO, “The two most dynamic and cohesive liberal forces in the country are the labor movement and the Negro Freedom movement. Together, we can be architects of democracy.” Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO, joins Traci on the podcast to talk about how the labor movement and the AFL-CIO are supporting women, minorities, and the next generation of workers.

Some highlights from Meet the AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, Liz Shuler include:

03:01 – Liz’s Journey to the AFL-CIO
07:55 – “Women of Steel”
12:03 – Union Favorability and Goodwill towards Labor Unions
15:40 – Let’s Pass the PRO-Act!
18:02 – Biden’s Interagency Task Force
21:09 – Next Step and the Young Worker

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