Mental Health "Help" Care in the Age of Covid


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Coronavirus has disrupted mental health services in countries from all over the globe. Fear, isolation, loss of income and life have triggered mental health conditions and exacerbated existing ones in workers and families across the country. Janis DiMonaco, Ph.D., the founder of HMC HealthWorks, and Dr. Stephanie Straeter, the clinical director of Behavioral Health and Wellness at HMC HealthWorks, join Traci to talk about the mental stresses labor faces during a global pandemic and the need for mental healthcare, behavioral coaching, and patient advocacy.

Some highlights from Mental Health “Help” Care in the Age of Covid include:

02:03 – Marrying Our Passion with What We Do
05:49 – The HMC HealthWorks Approach to Healthcare
08:21 – Mental Stresses Labor Faces during a Global Pandemic
14:38 – That Personal Touch and Teletherapy
18:57 – Coaching: Not Everyone Needs Therapy
24:39 – How Do We Find These Resources?
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