The ABCs of the Pension Crisis


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A handful of past guests help Traci summarize the pension crisis, recount the events that led us here and highlight the solutions making the rounds in Congress. Traci’s guests are Jason Russell, senior vice president and actuary from Segal Consulting; Russell Kamp, blogger, pension reform advocate, and managing director at Ryan ALM; Jack Marco, retired chairman of Marco Consulting; and John Elliot, a partner at New England Pension Consultants.

Some highlights from The ABCs of the Pension Crisis:

00:37 – 130 Plans in Crisis!
02:59 – How Did We Get Here?
07:38 – Partitions and the PBGC
09:59 – The “Goofiness” of MPRA
14:12 – Two Different Pension Reform Proposals
27:03 – Some Final Thoughts on Pension Reform…
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