The Design of The Multiemployer Benefits System


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In today’s episode of the ‘The World of Multiemployer Benefit Funds’ (Where experts share their insights and stories on busting myths about the labor movement)host Traci Dority-Shanklin (Managing Partner at Sisu Partners) talks with David Blumenstein, President, and CEO of Segal. They talk about the distinctive structure of multi-employer benefit funds and their essential contribution to the lives of thousands of working men and women.
In the part 1 of my conversation with David, he tells his family's amazing story of hope and perseverance during the Holocaust. Here is the link to that episode:
For more about David's Family Holocaust story, here are the links:

Regional Emmy Award and National Emmy Nominated Film - Finding Family

The Cincinnati Holocaust and Humanities Center also produced a shorter "slide show" about David's father's life.

David's father donated his trove of Holocaust material to a combination of the Cincinnati Holocaust and Humanities Center and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Here is a link to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum information.

For the PDF book co-authored by David's father, which includes the 150 translated letters, David's grandmother wrote his grandfather during the war. Please email

This book gives an actual perspective of daily life as a refugee and the desperate struggle of a mother to find a way out of Europe. It includes the broader story of what happened to Jews during WWII and what the world was aware of as the exterminations were being carried out.

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