The Labor and Trust Community with Tera Clizbe


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The labor and trust market presents any company with a unique set of needs and challenges for servicing their industry. Tera Clizbe, the vice president of Labor and Trust at Blue Shield of California, joins Traci on the podcast to discuss the changing needs of labor, the challenges they face with their healthcare, and how the community came together during a global pandemic.

Some highlights from The Labor and Trust Community with Tera Clizbe include:

03:22 – Aligned values with the Labor community
06:22 – A crazy year dealing with Covid
10:22 – Are trust funds thinking differently about healthcare?
17:58 – Access to affordable healthcare
21:57 – Leading the way in diversity, equity, and inclusion
If you're a union member and want to learn more about the Labor & Trust team at Blue Shield of California, visit their website:

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