The Labor President from Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter with Wendell Young IV-Part 1


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Wendell Young IV, UFCW Local 1776 president and International Foundation president, joins Traci for a lively discussion about diversity and his presidency. Wendell shares his life growing up in the labor movement with his father during the Civil Rights era and how watching those challenges prepared him for today with Black Lives Matter, TimesUp, and the coronavirus.

  • 01:21 – The Beginning: The Wendell Young IV Story
  • 04:27 – Growth: From Philadelphia to Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Beyond
  • 05:26 – Diversity: From Food Processing to Cannabis and Alcohol
  • 08:15 – A Woman’s Place is in Leadership at the UFCW
  • 11:23 – The 60’s & Today: Rallies, Protests, & Picket Lines
  • 13:19 – On the Frontlines with Covid-19
  • 15:40 – Before Black Lives Matter and TimesUp: Has Anything Really Changed?
  • 20:22 – The Proactive Approach to Diversity
  • 24:19 – The Story of Aunt Sylvia
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