Union Matters: Veteran Training Programs with Elizabeth Murray-Belcaster


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Labor unions provide workers with better wages and safer workplaces, but did you also know that they train transitioning military veterans in career pathways for civilian life? Our next guest develops and implements veteran training to placement programs with the Department of Defense and labor unions. The CEO of EMB Consultants, Elizabeth Murray-Belcaster, shares her experiences with the DOD’s SkillBridge program and why more organized labor should invest in these programs.

Some highlights from Union Matters: Veterans Training Programs include:

01:48 – Getting Endorsements
06:26 – Transition is a Culture!
11:45 – Nothing Happens in a Vacuum
14:57 – Why Aren’t We Doing These Programs Everywhere?
18:44 – Case Studies: the Teamsters and Utility Workers of America
25:45 – The DOD’s SkillBridge Program

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