Creating a Remote Life & Why Bulgaria is a Great Digital Nomad Base with Mitko Karshovski


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This week on the podcast we are joined by Mitko Karshovski from and the host of That Remote Show Podcast. Though still early in his career, Mitko has always made it a priority for his work to create more freedom in his life. That is why he was attracted to the idea of being able to work remotely to combine travel and work. He started That Remote Life and his podcast to share the lessons he is learning along the way about how to build a career that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. In this episode, we jump into what Mitko's steps were to supporting himself with remote work and we talk about Mitko's experiences emigrating from Bulgaria, returning as a digital nomad, and why it is a great spot for digital nomads. Learn more about Mitko at -------- This episode of The World Wanderers is brought to you by Costa Sunglasses. Founded over 35 years ago by fishermen who wanted to stay on the water longer, Costa Sunglasses are engineered to help people across all pursuits make the most of their time on the water. For those who need water to breathe. ------

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