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Charity Becker lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she grew up, and spends her days happily homeschooling her three brilliant and talented daughters, and playing with all her naked dogs and her naked cat, Neffie. As a two-time survivor of domestic violence, Charity uses her past as fuel for her fiction, creating strong, independent characters who overcome great odds to learn, grow, and evolve past their own pain. In her non-fiction, Charity is straight-forward and no-nonsense, giving the facts (and her opinions) with no apologies. When she isn't writing or hanging out with her kids, Charity enjoys traditional archery; is an avid video gamer and horror movie fan; and is immensely thankful she can earn a living doing all the things she'd do just for fun anyway. She is an accomplished musician and artist, and enjoys creating websites and helping small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals realize their own dreams of success. -
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