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Tara Greene is a natural-born gifted Psychic who remembers her past lives from
her earliest memories and she knows from experience that we are all
multi-dimensional spiritual beings. Tara has trained with shamans, esoteric
teachers, Tibetan Buddhist Lamas, Tarot and Astrologers teachers.
Tara is an Internationally known Canadian professional Intuitive, Tarot Reader,
Astrologer, Numerologist, women’s spirituality, dreamworker and ceremonial
workshop leader. Tara teaches regularly at the world famous Grail Springs
Wellness Retreat Centre, one of the top 10 Healing Hotels in the World since 2011.
Tara has read for 30,000 people at Corporate events and private readings
worldwide since 1991. Tara combines Tarot cards with Numerology and Astrology
into one in-depth accurate enlightening reading. Tara reads tea leaves, crystals,
and energy and specializes in lipstick readings for major cosmetic companies like
Gucci, Kilian, Charlotte Tilbury, Revlon, Estee Lauder, and Bite Beauty in the U.S
and Canada.
Tara has been interviewed on National and International TV and on the web giving
predictions about elections, sports, famous celebrities and the years ahead.
Tara writes about the ever changing cosmos of Astrology for the Cosmic
Intelligence Agency of Australia and presents live monthly Tarot and Astrology
videos for them. She has written Horoscopes for Moonology and on her blog and
for other astrology and metaphysical sites.
Visit - www.taratarot.com

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