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S.U.R.E. Success with Andrew Gordon

S-Strategize. (Set your goals. Make a plan)

U-Understand. (Identify obstacles to obtaining the goals)

R-Release. (Change limiting beliefs, and break negative patterns)

E-Execute. (Take massive and constant action)

Before you set your goals and make a plan, I want you to truly think of what you want. Narrow what you want down to three things, each in a different category. The three I suggest are, career, financial, and personal(this could be fitness, relationships, a wild card that relates to you). These three goals will be what you focus on for a YEAR. They should be BIG, and you should truly feel DRIVEN by them.

After identifying the three goals, you must make a plan. Simply put, if we know where we want to go, but have no idea how to get there, you will spin your wheels and stay put. By making a clear plan, your inspiration and destination will meet.

I’ve been using this method of goal-setting for over 15 years, and it has always worked. Sometimes, I have made pivots or adjustments, but this strategy always had led me to where I either want to be, or need to be.

Once you’ve created your 3 goals for the year, break down each goal category into monthly goals. Think of these monthly goals as steps along the way, which gives you the ability to chunk down something that may seem enormous, into more palpable pieces.

Now, let’s take it one step further, and create weekly goals that are in direct correspondence to the monthly goals. Write down on the top of your paper or document, Masterplan in the center of the page. To the left of the page, write down your yearly goals. Underneath the yearly goals, write down your monthly goals(only for the month that you are in). Finally, write down your three weekly goals below the monthly goals.

On the right side of your page on the top, write the word “Review”. This isn’t rocket science, and its beauty lies in its simplicity. After your first week, review how you did in meeting your goals. If you didn’t meet your weekly goals in any area, identify why. Do not dwell on that for anymore time than identification purposes. Once you know what the problem is, identify the solution, and write apply that to the following week-even if the goal is still the same. You cannot move on to the next weekly goal, until you achieve the first one you set. If you fall behind, you will just take a bit longer, but pay attention to what you learn along the way. You are clear, focused, and receiving valuable information.

Repeating the weekly goal process will lead you to see if you met your goals for the month. The same review process applies. Do not beat yourself up if you didn’t meet every goal exactly as planned. Go through the ritual of identifying why you didn’t meet your goals, and move forward with an adjusted approach.

You will notice that I didn’t say to set daily goals. I went through a period of considering those as part of the process, but decided to leave them out. The reason to not write down daily goals, is to leave room to breathe. We cannot predict what a day is going to put on us. If we have a bad day, or something unpredictable happens, we can still get back on track for the week. In my opinion, it is too micro-managed, and I do not like that.

So, go ahead and take your time setting your Big 3 goals for the year. Do not rush through the process, as those are your three major destinations for a whole year. Make them so big, that you may even say to yourself they are unrealistic. That’s perfect, and when you know you are in a good place. Your subconscious mind is telling you that, because it is looking at the goals before breaking them down. Exceed your wildest expectations and dreams, and write those goals down! Trust me, if you follow the strategy and break these giant goals down, you will arrive at your destination. If you don’t arrive at your exact destination, the focus and actions you have taken along the way will guarantee that you are still in a great place.

Now go get started, and cheers to your success!

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