#19 - Erin Motz aka Bad Yogi on Yoga Entrepreneurship, Building Community, Being a New Yoga Mom


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The boys sit down and chat with Erin Motz AKA Bad Yogi! She's a super fun, carnivorous, red wine and french cheese loving kinda yogi. With being a new yogi mom, an entrepreneur and yoga teacher, she gets it all done. She's the co-creator of Bad yogi; an online yoga platform that is full of corny jokes, fun and deep stretches. Erin would call herself a "bad yogi" because she didn't fit in with the stereotypical yoga drones who all dressed, looked, and acted alike. She loves showing people that you don't have to always take yoga so seriously and that getting out of the yoga norm is not a bad thing. Be sure to check her out on social media as she has over 45k followers on her Instagram @badyogiofficial, 122k on Facebook, and 66k on YouTube! She is an inspiration for all yoga the yoga moms and entrepreneurs out there. Her personality will jump out at you and make you laugh for sure, get ready! On this episode learn about yoga entrepreneurship, building community and how to get in yoga practice for all you busy moms. Get more info about how to be a "bad yogi" and how to top your flow with "yoga cheese" at www.badyogi.com. Join her for a free YouTube class at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPdPiXqxva6o6GU5m_NdJw Please visit www.theyogishow.com for all the links and show notes from this episode! Follow the boys on Instagram @theyogishowpodcast. If you'd like to follow the boys other projects you can follow Pedro on Instagram @yogawithpedro and for memes @yogimemes. For Bryan follow @yogi_bryan and for memes @namaste_af. This episode was produced by Colin Tull. He's an amazing podcast producer and you can find him on Instagram @ctaudiodesign or on his website at www.ctaudiodesign.com. Music in this episode is provided from @djtazrashid. For more info on Taz and where to find him go to www.djtazrashid.com. Artwork brought to you by the amazing Melanie. Check her out on Instagram @get.it.om.

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