#22 - Interview with Matt Beck on Floating


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Welcome back to The Yogi Show! On this episode of the show the yogi boys have a conversation with Matt Beck aka "float guru". Based in Florida, Matt is founder of Float8; a wellness lounge where you "float" your worries away. Floating in a pod with no light or sound, was the experience Matt was looking for, when he needed to de-stress from the life of booking bands and being in the nightlife scene. He then turned his passion into purpose and has become one of the leaders in the Float community. In this episode you will learn about floating, managing stress and anxiety, meditation, and the art of finding your breath. Treat yo self, lay back and "float" on in this episode of The Yogi Show. For more info on Float8 and Matt visit the Float8 website at www.float8ion.com. Follow them on Instagram @float8ion Follow Float8 on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/float8ion This episode is brought to you by Bulldog Yoga. Get 30 days of FREE yoga with some of the most fun, high energy, bumping music classes around HERE! Please visit www.theyogishow.com for all the show notes and time stamps about this episode! Follow the boys on Instagram @theyogishowpodcast. If you'd like to follow the boys other projects you can follow Pedro on Instagram @yogawithpedro and for memes @yogimemes. For Bryan follow @yogi_bryan and for memes @namaste_af . This episode was produced by Colin Tull. He's an amazing podcast producer and you can find him on Instagram @ctaudiodesign or on his website at www.ctaudiodesign.com. Music in this episode is provided from @djtazrashid. For more info on Taz and where to find him go to www.djtazrashid.com. Artwork brought to you by the amazing Melanie. Check her out on Instagram @get.it.om.

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