#42 - DJ Townsel on Yoga For Men, What You're Good At Versus your Purpose, and The Impact of Teachers


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On today’s episode of The Yogi Show Podcast, Pedro and Bryan chat with none other than DJ Townsel. Also known as Rasta Yogi, DJ is not only an amazing human but a yogi and a former football player who also appeared on “The Titan Games!” DJ Has a passion for helping people become their most powerful self, be it through yoga, fitness, inspirational talks, or anything else. DJ and the boys chat about what you’re good at versus finding your purpose, impacting people though teaching, getting men into yoga, and how to incorporate yoga into your life off the mat. This is a great episode to share with the men in your life who perhaps think yoga isn’t for them simply because of their sex. Keep up with DJ’s latest retreats (and check out his incredible yoga pictures) on Instagram at www.instagram.com/dade2shelby and his website at www.dade2shelby.net.

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Episode Summary Timestamps:

3:06 - DJ Townsel’s story from a student athlete starting at age six! He was not always passionate about football; he started playing in high school and played at Murray State for four years. His goal was to get school paid for and graduate with a graphic design degree. He didn’t end up graduating - life had a different path. One day he searched for a beginner yoga video on YouTube and came across 20-minute beginner yoga with Yoga Journal. Now he’s ON Yoga Journal!

10:02 - Getting men into yoga. Men need it for the same reasons: to help, suffering, anxiety. DJ started for the physical, but he got deeper into it through the mental and spiritual mental benefits. He talks about his first experiences down the rabbit hole. Spoiler alert: You NEED to do Kundalini yoga.

19:24 - Setting yourself up for success. DJ’s morning routine: He gets up at 3:50 AM! He is out the door within 15 minutes and off to training his clients. His greatest tip: Don’t transfer energy from one place to the next. Plus, DJ’s current yoga practice. It looks more mental today, but he still practices asana - he just focuses a lot of energy on keeping his mind and heart open. “Yoga doesn’t just mean that I’m on the mat stretching or doing handstands.”

24:45 - DJ gives advice for new and aspiring yoga teachers. His advice for teachers in their own lives: Do not compare yourself or your journey to someone else’s. He also shares invaluable advice he was taught for how to teach your students and connect with them deeper. Plus, DJ spills about his upcoming yoga retreats.

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