#44 - Rochelle Basirico on Yoga and Humor (Season 1 Finale)


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On today's episode of The Yogi Show Podcast, Pedro and Bryan bring back Rochelle Basirico who runs the infamous page @theyogaroom on Instagram. Rochelle is an absolutely hilarious human being and is continuing to bring light and laughter to the world when we need it most. In addition to making memes, Rochelle is a yoga teacher, mother of three, and dedicated practitioner. Her goal as a yoga teacher is to get you to move, breathe, and laugh. She's here to remind us all that yoga, just like life, doesn't have to be so serious all the time. If you need a good laugh with a dose of gratitude, you don't want to miss this episode. You can follow Rochelle's hilarious memes on @theyogaroom. If you'd like to follow her personal journey you can do so at @spasibasi on Instagram.

This episode marks the (real) season finale for season one! Pedro and Bryan are so grateful for each and every one of you for being here for the ride that was season one, filled with so many inspiring guests, funny jokes, wild card moments, and, of course, gratitude. To celebrate the end of an awesome season the boys are hosting a season one wrap-up party on May 2nd. Join Pedro, Bryan, and DJ Taz Rashid for a 90-minute yoga and meditation class. Join the party here. https://mybestplaylist.samcart.com/products/yoga-w-the-yogi-show--dj-taz-rashid

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