# 20 - 5 Tips For Overcoming Adversity with Pedro Luna and Yogi Bryan


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The boys are here to offer their top 5 tips on overcoming adversity! Life gets tough. We all struggle with the hard times. The boys have started to video record their podcasts as well! If you would like to watch the show in action be sure to check this episode out on YouTube here and subscribe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijeMgZtsw94. Be on the look out for lots of fun and exciting upgrades coming to the podcast as it keeps growing!

1. Take a Breath Inhale and exhale. Count your breath. A simple 4 count on the inhale and 4 count on the exhale can change your state of mind. Give it time. Give it 10 minutes and see how your mind calms down. Breath. It's just life. You will get over it. One inhale and exhale at a time. 2. Move your body Go for a walk. Do some yoga. Exercise. Move your body. Your body is the subconscious mind. When the body moves the brain grooves like Jim Kwik says. Get moving. 3. Remind Yourself It's Temporary It's temporary. The only thing that is constant in this Universe is change. Constant change over and over again. Yesterday was different, today is a new day, and tomorrow is unknown. Embrace the now and welcome the change. Maybe today was shitty, maybe this week is shitty....but maybe tomorrow or next week will be the best week of your life. Be patient brochacho. 4. Use Frustration as a Tool Anger and anxiety have a place. Anger gets you to focus on the things that need to change. Use the anger in a healthy way. Anger increases focus and gets you to put your attention on what needs to be changed. Anxiety gets your attention on the things you have been holding off. The brain is a supercomputer. It's always there to protect you. The brain shows you what has been neglected. Use anxiety as a tool. Now we aren't therapist. We aren't Dr. Phil so consult with a therapist if you need mental health help. We are just sharing what we have learned in our practice. 5. Do 1 Thing to Resolve the Issue Procrastination is real. We have all been there. Big deadline and we wait until the last minute. What helps procrastination is just taking some action. Do something. One thing, do it. If you are writing a long paper just start with one word. Walking a mile take one step. Starting a yoga practice, do one asana. Take it slow and gain momentum. YOU GOT THIS. *BONUS* LAUGH AT YOURSELF. Seriously laugh at yourself. Whatever you are taking seriously right now it will probably be funny in the future. The majority of the stuff we worry about or get mad about is minor. Yes there are big issues in life that do require some really in depth self study and work, but the majority of issues are minimal. Laugh it off. Watch a funny movie, spend time with funny friends, and enjoy the time you have on Earth. Life is too freakin short to take things so serious. Thank you thank you thank you for watching our video today. Let us know what you think in the comments or send us a message at hello@theyogishow.com. Namaste, Pedro & Bryan, The Yogi Show www.theyogishow.com Time Stamps: 0:23 - Bryan sucks at technology 0:50 - Gold Flow Challenge - www.djtazrashid.com 1:26 - Google pop ups 1:45 - Tip #1 - Breathe 2:15 - Tony Robbins breathing technique - https://www.tonyrobbins.com/ask-tony/... 2:22 - Tip #2 - Move Your Body - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIi-d... 3:38 - Hypnosis & NLP - Holding a pose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bNxT... 4:23 - Tip #3 - It's Temporary Tomorrow is another day. Next week is another week. It will get better. 5:33 - Tip #4 - Anger and Frustration as a Tool Use it in a healthy way. 7:22 - Yogi Bryan talks Golf 8:10 - Pedro 7 Year Yoga Teaching Anniversary 8:48 - What does 7 mean to all you numerologists out there? 9:18 - Tip #5 - Do 1 Thing to Resolve the Issue Start with one word. Do one thing. Use imagination What is T-Rex's Dharma 10:35 - Brain waves for children - https://upallhours.com/article/unders... 11:50 - Intensity - It's just f*ckin life, it's just f*ckin yoga, and relax. Laugh at yourself

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