Episode 132 - Brendan O'Neill And Why Kristina Keneally Should Sit Out Your Right To Know


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Right to Know is a good campaign and we’re always happy to see people push for more free speech, but it’s so hypocritical of the ABC, Mark Dreyfus and Kristina Keneally to get on board. James and Pete discuss the whole campaign as well as the latest Brexit disappointment. Heroes and Villains this week include Nick Cave, Hillary Clinton (as a hero!), the UN and Jeremy Corbyn. We talk to Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill about all the latest with Brexit, and what it reveals about the elites’ attitude to the rest of the country and democracy (15:50-35:33). We also have Generation Liberty Campus Coordinator Tiana Kovac from Macquaire University to tell the story of how Extinction Rebellion tried (and failed) to ruin a Generation Liberty event last week (35:33-43:33) before another round of Hey What Did We Miss, the YIPAP Quiz (43:33-53:32). At the end of the show we rank most incredible election defeats as Justin Trudeau wins, Cornwall Devon police targeting racist toddlers and those capitalist pigs at the ABC underpaying workers.

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