Episode 108: Changing How We Think About Emotional Eating with Kelsey Flanagan


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Dear Listener, Today on the pod we’re talking about a topic that I get a LOT of questions about…hello, “emotional eating!” Joining me in this episode is my good friend and colleague, Kelsey Flanagan. Kelsey is an ex-dieter turned life coach helping women end the war with food and their bodies so that they can thrive. She is the founder of Alive to Thrive and has a simple mission, “Stop Dieting. Start Living.” In our conversation, we talk about normalizing “emotional eating,” why it even happens in the first place, and how we can use these experiences with food to help us deepen the relationship we have with ourselves. To learn more from Kelsey, you can follow her on IG @kelsey_flanagan_, listen to her podcast, The LIFTUP Show, or check out her website https://www.kelseyflanagan.com/. Hope you enjoy the episode! Yours Chewly, Claire

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