Episode 87: What's Up With "Emotional Eating?" with Sammy Previte


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Dear Listener, On today’s episode, special guest Sammy Previte and I dive into a very hot topic that goes by the name of “emotional eating.” *gasp*! 😯 I’m confident in saying that I’m not the only one who has seen an increase in content demonizing eating in response to emotion as a result of COVID-19 and quarantine. But rest assured, we’re tackling this topic from a non-diet, non-shaming perspective 🎉 Sammy is a fellow anti diet Registered Dietitian and the co-owner of Dietitians of Palm Valley in Florida. She loves helping her clients create peace with food and helps spread the word that dietitians are NOT the “food police!” If you’d like to learn more about Sammy, give her a follow on Instagram @break.diet.rules or check out her website, https://www.dietitiansofpalmvalley.com/. Enjoy our chat! Yours Chewly, Claire

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