An Inside Look Into How YouTuber Emzotic Grew From 1,000 Subscribers to 300k in Less Than 8 Months with Emma of Emzotic


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Have you ever thought of starting a YouTube channel but have no idea what to do or how to do it? Emma of Emzotic was exactly like that! Her Beauty and the Vlog Mastermind success story is something that we can all learn from — from how she failed in her beauty channel, to how she finally found her niche, to growing her subscribers exponentially in just a few months!

“People are not always interested in my subjects, but I make them interested in it."

Emma is a 29-year-old ‘Animal Educator’ turned ‘Digital Animal Educator.’ Before becoming a full-time YouTuber, she used to travel all over the UK, giving animal-themed presentations in schools with an array of exotic creatures. Today, she educates and entertains a larger audience with her vlogs as a ‘pet mom,’ as well as creating pet care tutorials. Her most requested and successful videos are her ‘Creature Feature’ series, where she picks a creature to deliver an in-depth fact file about.

Emma began to take her channel seriously in the spring of 2017 and grew from 1K subscribers at the end of May to 280K by December 2017. She recently moved to the United States to live with her partner who is a zoological specialist and splits her time between creating videos on YouTube and live-streaming with her animals on various platforms.

Emma’s Beauty and the Vlog Mastermind success story is a testament to the power of staying true to yourself. If you do, there’s no doubt you can take YouTube by storm!

“It’s a small world, you have to use your elbows a lot and make a space for yourself.”

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