An Inside Look Into How YouTuber Emzotic Grew From 1,000 Subscribers to 300k in Less Than 8 Months with Emma of Emzotic - Part 2


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If you’re looking to get inspired to take that step into the YouTube world and make your mark in the vlogging industry, then the Beauty and the Vlog Mastermind success story of Emma of Emzotic is one that you should definitely listen to! In Part 2 of my interview with Emma, she continues to share with us lessons learned from her journey and how she overcame every challenge to get to where she is today.

“You have to follow your heart, not the trends.”

Emma is a 29-year-old self-confessed lover of exotic animals. She used to travel all over the United Kingdom, giving animal-themed presentations in schools with an array of exotic creatures. After making a life-changing career move and becoming a full-time YouTuber, she has become a ‘Digital Animal Educator,’ educating and entertaining a larger audience through her YouTube channel, Emzotic.

“The best thing that you can do is to embrace who you are.”

Emma enrolled in the Beauty and the Vlog Mastermind and was able to open her eyes to her potential and the value of her uniqueness that she can share with the world. She has become that magnetic persona on camera who continues to build her tribe, attracting audiences of all ages from all over the globe! Now, Emzotic has nearly 300k subscribers and continues to take YouTube by storm!

“I’m not interested in building my numbers; I’m interested in building my community.”

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