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If you’ve ever searched for the secret to your YouTube success, here's some advice. It takes a drive to succeed like never before to make it on YouTube, and our guest today has it in spades. Beauty YouTuber C Key brings her electrifying and magnetic personality onto the show and shares with us her journey to 130k subscribers and everything she’s learned and overcome along the way!

“Be yourself because you don’t have to try to maintain that, it comes naturally.”

C Key has been a YouTuber since 2012, but actually, before she started doing makeup videos, she thought the whole thing was gross. It wasn’t until her friend did her makeup for a banquet that she got bitten by the bug. She loved how she could take her already confident and beautiful self and quickly level up a ton with makeup. And when that friend wasn’t available to do her makeup again, she took to YouTube to learn it all herself. That curiosity turned into a passion and that passion drove her to give back to the beauty community by starting her own channel and giving her pros and cons on the products being released today. Now she has almost 130k subscribers, she calls her tribe “supporters”, she runs a jewelry business and is on her way to doing her own thing full-time.

“Don’t focus on the numbers. If you’ve got what it takes, your confidence will attract everyone.”

C Key loves doing videos with her family. She says out of all the awesome tutorials and reviews she’s done, it's the ones where she can create content with them that are the most impactful to her. She has two daughters, one 23 and one 18 and she wholeheartedly believes that you’re worth whatever it is you set your heart on. That’s what drove her to open her P.O. Box and start tagging and pitching brands only 3 months after she launched her channel - if other YouTubers can get brand deals, so can she, so why not go for it? We’ll dive into these and other personality traits that make her so energetic and successful on YouTube in this episode. Jump in!

“I believe that if you put some faith behind what you want, things will begin to move.”

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