Can You Train Your Brain for YouTube Success? with Dr. Shannon Irvine


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Are you struggling with believing in yourself? Are you having trouble growing your channel as fast as you want? Those two may be very tightly connected to each other. But not to worry, Neuropsychologist and Coach Dr. Shannon Irvine is here to help you break those mental chains! We get really in-depth into ways you can unlock your potential and free your mind to create and attract the growth and success you’be been hoping for!

“You’ve gotta burn the bridges of non-belief or hope.”

Dr. Shannon Irvine has been helping entrepreneurs to tap into the power of their minds in her practice. I love how she takes “woo woo” topics and explains them with science and facts. Like the fact that we see and pay attention to 9 times more negative things than positive things, which explains a lot about why we go into a shame spiral over a single negative comment. Through her work, she helps to hardwire in your mind the exact things you want so that they’ll come to you easily and a lot more fun.

“The most successful people have figured out their own thinking and have taken their thoughts off auto-pilot.”

Her approach and belief towards how we work are really fascinating. Instead of identifying yourself as a YouTuber who’s striving to success, how much differently would you operate if you were coming from a place of generosity and abundance instead? Wouldn’t you be a lot more energized and excited to create if you knew that your success is on its way to you effortlessly? We’ll break down how to program that mindset today so you’re off to the races. Everyone has something to work on, even her, and there’s not one person on this earth without a limiting belief, so stop feeling alienated and alone and come join the limit busting party!

“90% of our daily actions and decisions come from our subconscious mind.”

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