Do You Need To Be Beautiful To Be Successful On YouTube?


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Are you hesitating to get started on YouTube because you think only extremely beautiful people are successful on the platform? In my solo episode, I’m breaking apart that myth and limiting belief for you today and giving you the clarity and tactics to make a complete shift and start making videos with pride!

“You need to have some self-awareness and really understand who you are.”

There are 1.9 billion YouTube users, some are uploading 400 hours of videos every hour of the day and some are watching 1 billion hours of videos every single day. There’s a 100% chance that a great number of those creators don’t fit universal standards of beauty. We’ll get to universal beauty in a second, but you have to ask yourself, why aren’t you one of those people putting out video? Is it really beauty or it that just an excusing covering up something else?

“Lean into your strengths, they’re the cornerstone of your channel.”

We dive into all of this today and I hope you get to the root of the issue, if it is an excuse and work through it. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, it doesn’t matter what anyone says, or said in the past. Beauty is subjective, what someone finds not beautiful, others will worship the ground you walk on. In all those variables, you need to control how you feel about yourself. because if you don’t think you’re beautiful and worthy of making your voice and face heard, it’s better to hang up your ambition and don’t even start making videos for YouTube. Tough love but true. I know you’re not giving up so let’s dive into how to shift the negatives in this episode!

“So many people are preoccupied with what they don’t have. They’re chasing something that’s incredibly difficult to achieve.”

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