9 Super Important Things You Need To Do When Feeling Bad About Your YouTube Channel


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Is your YouTube channel getting you down? Maybe it’s not growing as fast as you expected it to and you’re feeling frustrated with the content grind. I’m here to help! In this solo episode, I take you through 9 powerful things you can do to blast beyond the frustration, get back on track and go after the results that you want. If you’ve been having a tough time and you almost feel like giving up, I made this for you.

“Your close-knit community serves as a little army against negativity.”

Comparisonitis, fear of missing out (FOMO), burnout, guilt, trolls in your comments section, negative validation and imposter syndrome are all issues we have to come across as people in the YouTube space. And it can be hard to deal with. We want to show up for our audience but with that comes so much baggage: when we show up, how did we perform compared to other people in our industry? We want to be up on every trend so we aren’t left behind, but rushing and posting non-stop is leaving us burnt out. And when we do post, the negative comments that come in always tear us down, even when they’re in a stream of positive comments. And finally, who are you to be making videos about this topic? What are your qualifications? We’re putting those fears and feelings to rest with these 9 steps in today's episode.

“Ultimately, most people want to make a change and have a positive impact.”

If you loved this episode and you’re looking for a way to implement all the 9 steps and have a proven plan to build your YouTube channel, then you’d be a good candidate for my Zero-to-Influence Bootcamp. If you want to know what it’s like and what it’s all about, I’m doing a free masterclass on May 30th where I’m walking you through the 5 things you should avoid doing so your YouTube channel can grow, and I’m giving you the exact strategies in my Zero-to-Influence Framework. I’ve spent months creating this training and it’s finally time to share it with you! See you there!

“When you’re focusing on your strengths then you know you’re presenting the best of yourself.”

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