From Kitchen Counter to Multi-Million Dollar Company: Thrive Causemetics Founder Karissa Bodnar Shares Her Story


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I’m in love with this brand and this entrepreneur’s story and you’re about to be too! If you’re thinking of starting something to have a massive reach and impact, you’re going to want to take notes because we have Karissa Bodnar, owner of Thrive Causemetics giving away all the inside scoop into how she grew her business from zero to what it is today. She seriously held nothing back and we go into everything!

“I believe that when we are confident, we are unstoppable.”

Karissa and Thrive Causemetics has received accolades like the “Fastest-growing vegan beauty company”, “Forbes 30 under 30 for 2019” and INC magazine’s “Badass Female Founders”, but before all that Karissa grew up on a farm in Washington State. She loved creating makeup from roses from her mom's garden and crayons. Since then she has been deep into all things makeup: working as a makeup artist at Sephora during college, working at Clarisonic after college and in L'oreal’s luxury division after they acquired Clarisonic. But when she hit a brick wall after losing her friend to cancer at 24, she came to the realization that she had to stop waiting and finally build the beauty company of her dreams. She was passionate about doing more than just selling beauty products but empowering women as well. And a month later she started Thrive Causemetics on her kitchen counter.

“If our product wasn’t great, people would not buy it.”

She funded it all herself, making product formulas on her kitchen counter and fulfilling all the orders out of her 1-bedroom apartment. As she grew, she reached out to people for help, and along the way she captured the hearts of her amazing customers and their word of mouth on social media moved the needle for her. She went from making a thousand dollars a day in sales to hundreds of thousands of dollars a day in sales, in just a few days, and kept growing from there. A part of why it’s called ‘causemetics’ is because she donates her profits to a lot of charities who help women re-enter the workforce, deal with abuse, recover from cancer and even more - they keep adding more and more women groups in need. You’re going to learn in-depth the different stages of her journey and how she was able to get through each stage to where her company is today. Enjoy!

“When you realize that the worst that can happen really isn’t that bad, you’re unstoppable.”

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