Getting Real and Vulnerable: My Story


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Time to get really personal and vulnerable ladies... it’s story time! I’m sharing my entire journey with you, my ups and downs, how I fell in love with YouTube and talking to you about it every week, what I’ve learned from my failures and why I do this podcast for you! I hope you’re ready for this honest and open conversation.

“I started thinking: if I'm going to continue with this podcast, I need to help more people.”

It’s funny to look back and think that I’ve spent so much time helping you and ladies like you to grow your channels for years, and I didn’t have a big channel myself. Not too long ago, I felt like an imposter whenever I thought about it. But I realized that all the time I could’ve spent growing my channel, I instead used it to grow many channels for my podcast guests who became my friends, and the people who’ve listened to my episodes and reached out for help. I realized that the information I’ve shared in my courses and in the Facebook group, and with anyone who’s asked, came from the experience of learning from several channels, instead of just my own.

“You can come up with all the reasons not to do something, and sometimes that negative voice takes over, but sometimes you have to get over yourself.”

I went from hating a job at Jamba Juice, working at Nordstrom, selling $55 million worth of real estate properties, trying to become an actor, starting an apparel business with my sister, getting burnt out and selling the apparel business with my sister, getting back in corporate America and having two girls, to finally finding something that fits. Doing this podcast and helping you with my programs feels like home. It feels like what I was meant to do and everything I’ve learned up to this point has made me totally awesome at this. Ready to hear the full journey? Well, listen up.

"I knew I was going to do something in business, I just didn't know what."

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