How Blogger The Rachel Review Transformed Her YouTube Channel and Grew 40k Subscribers


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Looking for some clarity around how to build a successful channel while balancing a full-time job? Want to go from a channel that’s confusing and flat to one that's vibrant and engaging? It’s time for another bootcamper success story! With a few viral hits under her belt and some massive growth, our guest fashion YouTuber Rachel from The Rachel Review is here to share her journey before and after the boot camp, and what she’s doing to be on track for 100k subscribers this year!

“If you’re doing YouTube to be famous online and make a lot of money, that will get you through the door, but it won’t keep you there.”

Rachel is passionate about being an entrepreneur and running her own business, but her early journeys into it ended in failure. After she closed up shop on her online business, she started working for a wastewater management company so she could gain a mentor and hopefully learn enough to take another shot at entrepreneurship. During that time, her boyfriend pushed her to start her YouTube channel and share her passion for fashion. And she did, but it barely got off the ground with only 250 subscribers. She was growing slowly and getting discouraged until she found out about our Zero to Influence bootcamp. Now she’s at 38k subscribers and confidently on her way to close out the year at 100k.

“No one is going to like everything you have to say. People all have different experiences.”

Learning how to find her why and getting clear on what she’s good at were two of the most impactful things the boot camp helped her with. They opened her eyes to what she should really be doing on YouTube. If you’ve been thinking about getting started and telling yourself that success is unattainable and you can’t be the next YouTube star, she’s here to tell you that she was right where you are, and she did it. And if she can do it, you can too. Her message for you is, “You have to risk it to get the biscuit!”

“Every video you put out and comment you get, you’re getting an understanding of what your community wants and needs from you.” - Erika

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