How Family Vlogger The Ohana Adventure Grew 2 Million Subscribers


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Let’s redefine the definition of busy for a minute. Think six kids, running a business and 5 YouTube channels uploading 12 times… per week! Exhausted yet? Get ready because we’re breaking down how to juggle it all and thrive at the same time with family vlogger Rachel Bennett from The Ohana Adventure!

“As long as your focus aligns with the demographics, you’re going to come up on the upside and grow quicker.”

Rachel didn’t think she had a knack for YouTube and doubted that anyone would watch her videos. But three years later her channel, The Ohana Adventure, has over 2 million subscribers and its growing extremely well! We all have her husband to thank for pushing her to do it and not giving up. She started off with 1 channel uploading 7 days a week, but now the whole family is on the YouTube train, with a total of 5 channels, uploading 12 videos a week and having a combined subscriber count of 2.5 million subscribers!

“Figure out what makes you different. Stay in your zone but stand out like a bright shining star.”

She lived with her husband and children in Hawaii for 10 years before moving to the mainland in 2013. Now she’s doing YouTube full time with her family and homeschooling all 6 of them! In this episode, we talk about how she structures her days to get it all done, how they use analytics and trends to hone in on the demographics for their 5 channels, the videos that triggered the most growth for them and so much more!

“You just gotta step out of your own self. Don’t be afraid.”

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