How One Fitness Influencer Blew Up Fast on YouTube with Amanda Bucci


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Are you ready to take YouTube seriously and make that transition from your current job to being a full-time YouTube content creator? It’s not an easy decision to make, and achieving success on YouTube is certainly no easy feat. However, for fitness influencer, Amanda Bucci, making that transition was empowering!

"I wanted people to take some piece of value out of it at the end of the day."

Amanda Bucci made that transition and began having the time of her life! She was absolutely loving what she did, helping people with fitness through her videos that she was uploading at least five times per week! With her bikini competition series called “That Prep Life,” her YouTube channel subscribers went from 6k to 100k in only 6 months.

"Getting noticed comes from doing videos that potentially could go viral."

Growing up in Rhode Island, Amanda had no idea having a YouTube channel, and being a YouTuber, was even a thing. When she did finally get started on YouTube, it was by sharing her fitness journey, educating her audience, and gaining fast exposure in the fitness industry.

"I like to make sure I get a good mix of informational versus vlog videos."

Amanda has now branched out to start her own podcast and showing others how to grow their own personal brands. She is passionate about fitness, business, and self-development and wants to help ignite the fire of millions by sharing her knowledge and leading by example.

"YouTube is obviously an amazing vehicle to get clients, to get business."

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