How The LA Girl Gwen Lane Launched a Multi Six Figure Business with Less Than 100k Instagram Followers


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Ready to learn all about working with brands with an influencer marketing SUPERSTAR? Wait no further, because IG Influencer and expert Gwen Lane is here to give you all the tips on attracting brands and making a full-time living as an influencer! Get ready for the journey and I hope you enjoy the ride.

“If you’re committed to being an influencer, then you should be in for the long haul.”

Gwen was working in digital marketing and entertainment for 10 years before she ever thought about building her brand. She started it out as a hobby on Twitter in 2014, but that quickly into a passion she couldn’t ignore. Twitter, turned into her blog, an that turned into an Instagram profile, and 6 months later she was already monetizing her brand. In 2 short years, she was able to quit her job and become an influencer full-time!

“There comes a point where you need to decide if this is going to be something you’ll take seriously as a business or not.”

She believes that if being an influencer is something you feel called to do, and you’re doing it to add value to peoples lives, you’ll stick with it for as long as it takes to become successful. She has zero time for the get rich quick clique. Gwen teaches YouTubers how to monetize their content outside of the built-in ad platform and she’s definitely holding nothing back in today’s episode.

“Stick to your audience and your content because you want to be the one that a brand goes to when targeting your people.”

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