How to Get Subscribers on YouTube Fast with Kimbyrleigha (Part 1)


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If you're wondering how to get subscribers on YouTube fast and drive your channel to new heights, you're in for a treat with today's episode! So, perk up your ears as our guest shares her inspiring story and some invaluable tips on how you can achieve your goals and become a rising star in the YouTube world.

"You have to be really thankful if you even have the bravery to do YouTube."

After a tough breakup with her ex, Kimbyrleigha was looking for a change of scenery and a fresh start when she moved from Florida to Los Angeles in 2012. As a single mom to a one-year-old daughter, she struggled to find a job despite having graduated from law school, until she eventually landed one in corporate America where she busted her butt every day for three years.

With no other creative outlet, she started posting videos on YouTube in 2015 with the secret hope that she could make enough money to one day quit her day job. It was one of the best decisions she ever made. After only less than a year, Kimbyrleigha was able to make a breakthrough and now has nearly 100,000 subscribers,4.5 million video views, and is fulfilling her dreams.

Kimbyrleigha's secret on how to get subscribers on YouTube fast was her do-or-die attitude and her determination that failure was not an option. With her current channel rebranding, she continues to find ways to achieve better success.

"You always have to know how YouTube is changing. This is your business."

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