Powerful YouTube Growth Strategies from Naomi Boyer (0-300k YouTube Subscribers in 2 Years!)


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This episode is all about hyper-growth! We’re pulling back the curtain on how to grow from having no channel to 300,000 subscribers in 2 years! If you’re ready to learn how to simplify your workflow and get the nitty-gritty details on how she grew her channel, then Fashion Youtuber Naomi Boyer is here to deliver in today’s episode!

“What makes people really successful is the stuff that's different.”

Naomi had always wanted to do something in fashion, but after leaving college she started working in pharmaceutical sales and she hated it. After some time in, she decided that she couldn’t stand it anymore and started researching becoming a full-time YouTuber. She looked up everything from growth strategies to what YouTubers were doing to monetize their channels. When she was ready, and with the support of her husband, she quit cold turkey and started her channel. A ton of consistency, listening to her audience and 2 years later, she broke 300k subscribers!

“The people that resonate with your opinion are going to stick with you, and those that don’t... that’s okay.”

Naomi and I spoke about the new atmosphere on YouTube and the challenges of sharing your opinion in a space where negativity and hate run rampant in the comment section. We also spoke about what videos were huge inflection points for her channel, and how she's able to keep making content and selecting topics that people want to see.

“YouTube life can look glamorous, but just wanting to be in it is not enough to get successful.”

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