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Do you get secretly frustrated or exasperated when a competitor or friend gets better results than you? If they’re getting more views while you’re struggling to grow, it can feel like the worst. Here's the good news: it happens to all of us! But you won’t show up as the best version of yourself when you’re comparing your self-worth, value and your work with others. On this solo episode, I’m talking all about how to break the pattern and free yourself from comparisonitis! Let’s do this!

“If you make decisions based on what someone else is doing, it will take you down the road of distraction from you being the best version of yourself."

Comparisonitis happens to all of us, it happens to me and it happens to my clients too. I get a bit jealous when I see people who've started their podcasts long after I did, popping up on Forbes lists and I see them - by my own perception - doing much better than me. A Client of mine I was working with for a little while finally hit the 20k subscribers mark. She was so happy and celebrating but totally went flat when she found out that her friend, who she encouraged to start her channel, blew passed her and got to 35k subscribers. Why do we do this? We have our own audiences, they have theirs, we’re measuring something that isn’t equal, yet it still hurts so much.

“Unfollow and unsubscribe from anyone who brings out jealousy or comparisonitis out of you.”

So how do you fight this? How do you navigate the shark-infested waters of comparing yourself to others on Instagram and YouTube? Well, it won’t be easy but you can do it, and I talk about how in this episode. Like everything, it starts with being aware of the negative behavior and where it shows up. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be in a bubble, avoiding every video to stop yourself from comparing. I know you want to take in inspiration and not allow the negative influences or your comparisonitis to act up. So, let’s talk about how you get more aware of your comparisonitis and create a catalyst for you to shift it for good.

“Use your why as a filter. If what you want to do makes sense to why you’re doing it then do that video. If not, then no one will want to watch that.”

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