Taking the Leap to Do YouTube Full Time and How It Changed Her Life with AmandaRachLee


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If you could work on YouTube full time, would you take that leap of faith? Our guest, Amanda Lee, went with her gut and decided to do just that!

"It's kind of nice when what other people enjoy, and what you enjoy, lines up."

19-year old Amanda first started her YouTube channel when she was only 15 years old. She attended an art program in high school and, although art is definitely her number one passion, YouTube became a place for her to get away from art when it felt too suffocating. She started doing DIY and fashion and beauty videos and had about 60k subscribers when she graduated high school in August 2016.

As an artist, Amanda felt like she could do a lot more on her channel. So, she decided to take a year off from school and do YouTube full time. She then made the conscious decision to rebrand her channel and strategize her content. By January 2017, she hit 100k subscribers. And when she transitioned into art and started her bullet journals, they became so popular that she has now gained more than 400k subscribers and 17 million views.

"Find your groove, and once you do, it's enjoyable on both ends of the spectrum."

Amanda first started her channel to get away from art but now it's what her channel is known for. She has definitely come full circle and you can too! If you have something you love and that you're truly passionate about, you might want to take that leap of faith and do YouTube full time!

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