The Marketing Secret That Transformed One-Time Beauty Blogger Coach Glitter into a Multi Six Figure Entrepreneur


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Who wants to build a truly authentic brand that attracts tons of people who are excited to hear your message and do business with you?! Is that YOU? Well if it is, Coach Glitter, Tiffany Lee Bymaster - makeup artist and personal stylist turned online brand-building powerhouse - is here to get you in shape! She has brought the keys to unlock your brand and business growth. Grab your pen and notebook and let’s go!

“As entrepreneurs, the core of what we do is to search for problems and provide a solution.”

Tiffany’s business started 20 years ago when she was working as a makeup artist and personal stylist. She spent years doing LA fashion week and other runway shows, reality tv - everything behind the camera. But when she put herself in front of the camera she found herself! And she hasn’t stopped sharing with her audience via video since. Her transition to becoming a live video rockstar started with her sharing the behind-the-scenes of her work on set and tricks ladies can use to look runway star fabulous. That has erupted into a multi-six figure business where she helps female online entrepreneurs use live video to promote their businesses.

“Remember we all started from scratch, so you’re supposed to be terrible, it requires so much practice time.”

She now has done over 1,400 live videos. Showing up consistently live has allowed her to build an amazing business and speak on stages. Tiffany delivers so much value in this episode and in her course that you’re going to want to check out. She shared a ton of insights on how to position yourself for growth, the best ways to capitalize on live video and how to get your content in front of new eyeballs using Facebook. She is a branding queen so you’re going to learn a lot there as well. We’ve been working hard to make this conversation happen and now that it’s here, you’ll see that she’s delivered so much and more!

“Regardless of how much experience you have in your business, there are always amazing ways to level up, challenge yourself and discover gifts inside you.”

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