The Power of an Influencer Community with Annie Spano


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How important is it for an influencer to have a support system? Wouldn’t it be great if you were a part of an influencer community that empowers you as you pursue your passion and turn it into a business? Let’s find out in today’s episode as we explore the power of an influencer community with Style Collective’s Annie Spano.

“We’re just trying to make a difference in the world through our craft and our passion.”

Style Collective is an influencer community for women to connect, grow, and learn how to be successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. Prior to starting Style Collective, Annie had been in a toxic work situation in her corporate job after she had graduated from her MBA and realized she needed to get out. She felt the need to be around other people that were positive and inspiring. She also needed to be where she could be a leader and empower women.

She started her blog in October 2015 and did some consulting through it for a local boutique. She began to know other fashion bloggers that were starting at the same time and she connected with these women on a deeper level. She became best friends with some of them and she started a Facebook group for all of them to connect with each other, to share tips and ideas with each other, and encourage each other. Through that, Annie saw the power of an influencer community.

Now, Annie connects women from all over the world through community and empowers them to do what they love through leadership and influencer education. Annie is the host of the Becoming Fearless Podcast, blogs at, and is a public speaker.

“My tribe is influencers because they’re the same as me.”

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