The Secret to Getting Onto PR Lists with Christina Zilber of Jouer Cosmetics


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Grab your seat because we’re spilling the tea on what it takes to work with a brand… from a brand’s point of view! You’re not going to want to miss this, Christina Zilber of Jouer Cosmetics is giving you the behind-the-scenes of building her business and exactly what she looks for when working with influencers. This is your secret weapon ladies!

“You have to know what you don’t know. If you think you know everything, you’re wrong.”

Christina started her love affair with makeup as a model at 20 years old. She loved being in the makeup trailer around all the fun and excitement and seeing the power of makeup to truly transform. It didn’t matter if you have dark circles or blemishes of any kind, makeup was there to wipe it all away. She grew up, left modeling and started producing, got married and had kids, but she never stopped being a makeup junkie. Around the time makeup palettes started coming out, she had an idea about having a built-it-yourself palette, where you can only have the colors that match you, instead of a bunch of colors you’ll never want. She met with a consultant who loved her idea and with that help and confidence Jouer was launched in 2008!

“I don’t want to be slide 6 of 15 of the concealers you need now article. That won’t sell my product.”

She has sold her products on HSN, QVC, gotten into magazines and boutique stores, but influencer marketing is what’s really blasted her business into the stratosphere. When she started working with influencers, she was able to double her business in a year! No wonder she’s all in on it now. In this episode she dives deep into how she thinks about influencers and who are the types of people she goes after, how the current PR package list saturation and audience burnout is forcing her to adapt her approach for finding new influencers, how to stand out to a brand and not be a drop in the sea of pitches brands receive, and so much more!

“You need to always follow your gut. You can’t just follow what's out there already, you have to innovate.”

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