The Secrets to Crafting Enticing YouTube Titles People Will Click with Relationship Coach Helena Hart


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Are you using YouTube as a way of driving traffic to your business? You’re about to get all your expectations shattered! It's much easier and so much more fun to do than you think! Relationship & Lifestyle coach and YouTuber Helena Hart gives us one of the most value-packed episodes to date! Get ready to blast your business off into the stratosphere with her lessons and systems!

“If your customers have seen dozens and dozens of your videos, they come to you already feeling like they know you.”

Helena has been a relationship and dating coach for the past 5 years, but she didn’t start her youtube career until a year ago. She was a regular host on the Commitment Connection channel and thought “I enjoy this process so much, why not start my own channel?” Now, her channel is the biggest way she gets new clients and ongoing business. She uploads every single day about dating, relationships, attracting money and finding your life's purpose.

“I’m hesitant to tell people to just upload a bunch of content because there’s no point in uploading content that’s crap.”

She believes that you should also seek to create content that’s deep and rich in quality - not necessarily video quality - and that it’s more important to act fast than to delay for perfection. In this episode, she shares with us everything she’s done to grow her business and create an endless stream of potential customers who love what she does and gives her feedback and what they want to see next. You’re going to learn all about how she’s able to keep up with the daily posting schedule, how she ensures her quality is always super high, how she was able to grow as fast as she did and the mindset that drives her to be productive over everything else!

“Clarity comes from action. Doing something will help you further understand what you need to be doing next.”

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