The Surprising Truth Into What It's REALLY Like To Be A YouTube Celebrity with Cora Diane AKA Vintage or Tacky


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Grab your seat by the fireplace and get ready to hear the wisdom of another YouTube veteran! Wanna learn about what it takes to remain relevant on YouTube for over a decade and how the handle and thrive under the toll it takes? Our guest today, beauty, plus-sized fashion and now lifestyle YouTuber Cora Diane takes the hot seat and authentically shares her journey with us!

“I never take on sponsorships that I feel compromise my morals or I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending to a friend.”

Cora started her channel in 2007, doing it for fun as everyone was at that time. She was inspired by the makeup videos and wanted to start making her own. It was until 2010 that she realized she was making more money from YouTube than she was at her job at the Mac store. Now she’s a YouTube celebrity who’s been reinventing herself and staying ahead of the game while making a full-time living from her channel.

“You’re gonna have moments when you question what you’re doing. There’s never a trajectory that’s always on the up.”

She’s super passionate about sustainability and preserving the environment. She’s really played her part in being the voice of using cosmetics that aren’t harmful to yourself or the environment. What really inspired me about Cora is that she’s very in tune to what’s truly a fit for her. She isn’t just doing her channel about the money and she isn’t satisfied with the current state of the beauty industry on YouTube. In this episode, she shares her experience remaining relevant and toeing the fine line between keeping in integrity with herself while also making a living on YouTube.

“People love to watch people who are unapologetically themselves and passionately aligned with their purpose” - Erika

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