What Fyre Festival Means for Influencer Marketing in 2019


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The Fyre festival was one of the biggest scams in human history - thousands of people showed up for a party but got chaos instead. But it’s also a perfect example of the power of well-executed influencer marketing! On this solo round, I talk Fyre festival details and what you can learn to do and to avoid as an influencer!

“There's a level of responsibility that everyone has to have because when influencers are involved, people take action.”

Imagine it: a magical escape, beautiful scenery, models and the promise of affluence and exclusivity… Who wouldn’t sign up for that dream? Especially when all the influencers you know, love and trust are all talking about it? The “Bigger than Coachella” Fyre Festival fell flat and it really cast a spotlight on influencer marketing. The huge question of the day is, are brands going to be more careful with their budgets - keeping most of it out of the hands of influencers from now on, or will they see it as a successful proof of what could be and dive in head first?

“The time frame was way too short, their budget was way too low.”

If you haven’t seen the Netflix or Hulu documentaries yet, try to watch them with a skeptical eye. Neither of them has unbiased accounts of the event. The Netflix doc was made by the same people who promoted the festival - and there’s a lot of controversy surrounding their hand in the scam. The makers of Hulu doc, though they interviewed the kingpin himself Billy Mcfarland, paid him for his side of the story. So, there’s dirt on both sides, but both are still worth the watch. What do you think: do Ja Rule, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and the other models and influencers share in some of the blame, or were they all duped just like everyone else?

“Influencer marketing works. Influencers are the new celebrities.”

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