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We have a rare story taking place and it kicks off in our week ahead. Jupiter is in his own sign, something that occurs once every 12 years and lasts about a year, and Neptune is in his own sign, something that happens every 165 years, this time from 2011-2026. In our week ahead, starting on the 13th, they will form a square pattern to one another and will be within this square until Sept 21st. So, the 9 months ahead will be about them pushing at each other on a global scale and in our own personal lives. Jupiter in Sagitarius is about expansion. Neptune in Pisces is about the imagination.. Jupiter is expansive, optimistic, over the top, happy, prosperous, and overboard. Neptune is inspired, magical, romantic, spiritual, and artistic, as well as delusional, addictive, deceptive, and without boundaries. Jupiter is going to be going big with politics, media, education, adventure, travel, foreign interests, law, weddings, other ceremonies, philosophy, and religion. Neptune will be pushing for art, film, music, poetry, dance, sculpture, prayer, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic abilities, spas, retreats, hospitals, other institutions, research, investigations, dealing iwth addictions or bad habits, secrets or deceptions, or karmic scenarios So, we set forth on a push/pull between these, and I'm going to tell you what to expect for your sign as well as when the key periods will be active. Tune in!

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