The Zoe Moon Astrology MERCURY in PISCES SHADOW and RETROGRADE Show Jan 30-Feb 7


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Mercury heads into Pisces taking talks, meetings, sales, writing, interviews, offers, and decisions behind closed doors, making everything a bit more magical, ephemiral, escapist, delusional, karmic, self-sabotaging, secretive, deceptive, romantic, artistic, spiritual, psychic, or focused on institutions or research. What is hidden is revealed, the mind becomes a sponge, absorbing what is around it, possibly lost or nostalgic, weepy or depressed, or inspired and imaginative and afloat on the sea of possibilities. It's quite an unusual time for everyone as we enter the Shadow phase of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde here this week and then I take a look at the next 2 months of this influence Shadow/Retrograde/Direct/andPostShadow for each sign. Tune in to hear how it may impact your sign and the key dates playing into this chapter.

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