The Zoe Moon FULL MOON in LEO Astrology Show


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We build all week to the most dramatic culmination we get each year under the Full Moon of Leo. Pride, children, lovers, creative ventures, recreation, speculation, drama, and entitlement are at the forefront as things get more emotional and build to final conclusions, wrap-ups, breakthroughs, celebrations, or achievements here. In the midst of this Venus enters the sign of the warrior and gets fired up about love, income, women, and beauty, ready to act on her own behalf. She will meet with Chiron the wounded healer for a check in on vulnerabilities, wounds, pain, healing, or spiritual guru focus here and then seek a balance in her opposition with relationships such as partners, clients, specialists, representatives, or other key players. So, it's quite a week, tune in, hear how it impacts your astrology sign!

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