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VENUS doesn't RETROGRADE every year but when she does we all see things shift in some way with our lovers or income, the women around us or our beauty interests, as current situations exit, current situations slow down and require some extra attention or past situations return for another shot. Not only is this a mega-do-ovver thanks to Venus, but it's only once every 12 years when Jupiter is in the same territory makikng it a bigger deal so I will be breaking it down with highlights about key dates and influences. We also have a NEW MOON in the week ahead and it is focused on relationships. This opens up forward momentum with partners, clients, specialists, reps, opponents, competitors, or advocates, as well as with new or next level opportunities for balance, justice or higher esthetics. Finally, MERCURY heads into SCORPIO to open up talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, short trips, or decisions of a financial, sexual, divorce, death, birth, or third-party nature. Wow, tune in, hear how it impacts your sign!

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